1. PICK: Click on the Catering Menu Tab, Pick up the phone, stop in. Pick your Package, make up your own packages, or let our catering experts customize a package for ya. Pick additional items that you need. Pick up the phone and place your order. If you aren’t sure what ya need or what ya want, our catering experts are more than happy to help y’all with your selections, JUST CALL US!!
  2. DECIDE: Ya can order your food heated if ya want to eat right away. If ya would rather heat it up yourself at home, order your food cold.
  3. GIT IT: Y’all are welcome to come in and pick up your order. If y’all would like it delivered, there may be a delivery charge, depending upon where we are delivering to.
  4. SERVE IT: Serve it yourself if ya like, OR Fat Jack’s Pit BBQ has servers available for off-site catering if ya need them. Our server fee is $80.00 per server and up, depending on how long your affair lasts. To ensure GREAT SERVICE and a WOW EXPERIENCE, 1 server for every 50 people is required. Set-up and clean-up are included within the server fees. We also have cooks and bartenders available if ya need them.
  5. EXTRA’S: At Fat Jack’s BBQ, ya can rent chafing dishes/sternos, utensils, tables and more for your party. If ya need any of these items, just ask us. We do know the right people for ya to call for tables, tents and more if ya need them, but we don’t provide them. Let Fat Jack’s BBQ help ya make your party a huge success!
  6. LOOK: Prices include disposable plates, utensils, and napkins. In some cases, due to the theme of your party, ya may want to provide your own. Whatever works for you work’s for us!!
  7. TAKE THE CREDIT YOURSELF IF YA WANNA: We’re not proud! OK, yes we are. All kidding aside, we take our food and our service very seriously. Remember, if ya like what we did, tell your friends and neighbors about Fat Jack’s BBQ for their next get-together. If ya didn’t like what we did, PLEASE tell us!!
  8. THE END: An 18 % Gratuity* will be added to all parties over 20 people where service is provided.